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If you wish to take a test

On this website you can read about the test and register for taking a test. Remember to read who the tests are suitable for and what you need to know before registering.

Norwegian language

Norwegian language test A1-B2

The Norwegian language test is for those who are in Norwegian courses and others who want to demonstrate their proficiency in Norwegian. The test covers the levels from A1 (beginner level) to B2 (advanced level).

Norwegian language C1 – higher academic level

The test measures a very high level of language skills in Norwegian, often referred to as a higher academic level. The test only measures language skills on the C1 level, and your test results will show whether you have passed the test or not.

Norwegian test sign language

The test is an option for immigrants who use sign language, testing sign language skills that can replace the listening and oral test parts of the Norwegian language test A1-B2.

Social studies

Social studies test

You can take this test if you need to document your knowledge of the Norwegian society, for example to apply for permanent residence in Norway. Some have a right and an obligation to take this test.

Norwegian citizenship

Norwegian citizenship test

To apply for Norwegian citizenship, you must have passed either the citizenship test or the social studies test. The citizenship test is in Norwegian.